tsubasaash (tsubasaash) wrote,

What I've been doing recently...

1. Had 54 yoga classes so far...kind of impressed with myself 8D (64 in total including the previous ones i took at a hotel but not including self practices)
2. Into wearing one piece dresses again but with tights...since doing yoga i attract mosquitoes...
3. gained 2 kg =_= but going to slowly go back to where i was...working makes me fat..lol
4. 33 kg muscle mass for now...hopes to gain more
5. no more dairy or soy products...breaking me out like crazy and soy products are mostly GM
6. new job location tomorrow...excited and nervous
7. register for starbucks reward card
8. so in love with pret-a-manger
9. going to start doing yoga at new locations from aug to oct (central/cwb/qb)
10. need to do some cardio i think...not doing much of that these days...
11. need to tryout new ramen shop in cwb 11/7 11am!!!
12. in love with H&M all over again...and zara is kind of meh...
13. lululemon obsession...( there's two wunder under crops in my wishlist...><)
14. need to figure out all the new yoga center locations....
15. try not to buy stuff online...would rather pay a bit more to look at the products in person...
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